God’s Word Can’t Be Stopped



May 22, 2019

My friends’ grace and peace to you in the name of the Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit. I thank God for you and the opportunity He has given me through this platform to reach out and share His word with you. From Time To Eternity has built up a following of daily readers reaching up to 8,000 people daily, without me buying Facebook advertising to reach more people.

Someone at Facebook has allowed Satan to use them to block From Time To Eternity From posting to Facebook every two weeks on average. This causes Us to lose readership. Therefore I decided to reach out to you on messenger. When I send the post to you and you share the post with someone else together we can prove that the devil is a liar and Gods’ word can’t be stopped. At From Time To Eternity, our aim is to encourage Fellow Christians strengthening one another for the challenges we face daily, and to reach as many people as we can that don’t know Jesus Christ, to better their lives and give them the opportunity for Jesus to save them.

God Bless You, my friends,

Thank You in Advance for all your help

Rev. Reginald Stevens



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