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Our Purpose Is to reach as many people as we can for Jesus Christ concerning the forgiveness of Sin. Also we will help those who have drifted away from and can’t seem to find their way back. we will be reaching out to those who love the Lord, His people, and His Word


From Time To Eternity will post a daily devotional  to give you daily nourishment to feed your spirit. Also their will be a sermon posted every week to help you become spiritually fit.


There will be a blog at the end of the daily devotionals so that you can share with us about what you think of the devotion and also what you think about the sermon. This will give you the opportunity to address any concern you may have. You can also e-mail me for a more in depth communication. Prayer request by blog.

At From Time To Eternity our number one objective is Help you understand Who God Is and the power He Possess. I believe that if you truly understand who God is, your response would be a glorious one.


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