January 14, 2019

My Friends grace and peace to you in the name of God our Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Friends God has gone through great lengths to let you know that He loves you.  God has done all that

can be done in order for you and me to be saved from the condemnation that has been brought

upon us by our sin. There is absolutely nothing we can do that will be acceptable to God for our

redemption from the horror to come. Deep inside our souls, we know that day is coming.  The good

news is that even, though we cannot redeem ourselves, and nothing we do is acceptable to God, He

provided us with a lamb whose heart is purer than gold, His fleece is whiter than snow. That Lamb is

His Son, who has never sinned, He laid down His life as a sacrifice for our sin, He did it for the sin of the

entire world. He was and is the only one who has the qualities needed to please God, and He did it

willingly, to save you and I and whosoever will believe.  We Owe our allegiance to the one that died for

us. I hope these short words help you to understand that you are literally endangering your life, by

refusing to take God upon His gift of eternal life. Think about it, What more could He have done?  The

choice is up to you, I hope you choose Jesus today.

God bless you.

Rev. Reginald Stevens

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