Greetings my friends Grace and peace to you in the name God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Our God is so great that it is impossible to get any greater. God loves us with a great love that transcends our understanding. God’s love for us is infinite and has no end. God With His lovingkindness is infinitely merciful. Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity to share concerning your Grace. Lord, please lead and guide me so that I may help someone to understand clearly about your Grace. Thank you Lord in Jesus Name I pray. Amen

It is by Grace You are Saved through faith it’s not of yourselves, it is the gift of God not by works so no one can have been saved for good works so no one can boast (Eph 2:8,9). The most important issue that everyone face is, where will I spend eternity? According to the Bible, every person will either spend eternity in Heaven or Hell. There is no middle grown, to say forever is an understatement.

That being said, September 1971 Was the day that began to change my life forever, because that is when I understood something about God that opened my understanding and enabled me to believe in the only person who could save me from spending eternity in Hell. A guy that I worked with at North American Car Corporations shared a verse of scripture with me. He recited John 3:16, after which he shows me the scripture to read it my self. I have heard about Jesus, I’ve been to church, but for the first time in my life, I sort of understood. Will looked at me and laughed. Everyday Will would share scripture with me. One day will said to me “Reggie did you know that you can not even talk to God unless you go through His Son”. I responded are you kidding? Again He showed me the passage John 14:6 I Am the way and the truth and the life and no one comes to my Father unless by Me. That verse of scripture changed the way I looked at everything. I found myself thinking a lot about God, and will continue sharing with me. One day Will said to me “Reggie you are going to be the reason you, your wife and baby go to Hell. I became angry with Will and I told Him I didn’t want to discuss the Bible with him anymore. I understand now that I was resisting coming to the Lord for salvation. But Will did his duty as a Christian and planted a seed that in time, about two years God would make it grow.

Will gave me something that would literally save my life. April 17, 1973, I was working inside a tank car, and there was a flash fire inside the tank, the air was on fire. The skin on my hands and face rolled right up as it was burned. I looked to one end of the tank and there was a ball of fire that began to spend in a circular manner and it roared as it picked up speed, and began coming toward me. My thoughts began to race, I thought about my wife and my son, my mother, sisters and brothers, and death and Hell, I knew that this is it, and I thought about John 14:6 and I thought about John 3:16 and I got on my knees while I was burning and I asked Jesus to save me, and then the tank exploded. I was in Cook County Hospital for four and a half months. The doctor told me when I came when you leave here you are going to walk. I always say God saved me from the fire and He saved me from the fire.

It was by the grace of God that I was saved, I did nothing to deserve it, I certainly did not earn it. It was given to me as a gift, by God because of the work that Jesus did on the cross and He died for my sin. God said if I believe in Him I shall have eternal life. I believed. What about you? Do you believe? You don’t have to wait until some catastrophe happens before you come to God. You never know when your time is up. You don’t have to be sick to die, sometimes people just die, but as long as you have a life you can be saved, once you die it too late. Choose Jesus today.

Thank you, my friends, if this message helped you to make up your mind and choose Jesus, reach out and let me know. Blog me. Thank you, Jesus, Lord of Lords


Rev. Reginald Stevens








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