No Neutral Ground

There Is No Neutral Ground

Friends Grace and peace to you and your families in the name of God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus used examples out of the natural order of things in order for us to understand things that are spiritual in nature. If we understand these things in the natural order it will help us understand the spiritual truth.

“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. £Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it (Matt 7:13-14).

Lord, I thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share your word with others I ask that you open the eyes and the mind of everyone that take the time to read the message. Lord, I pray that you bless each and everyone. Thank you, Lord It is in the name of Jesus that I pray Amen.

Jesus used this parable of the wide gate and the narrow gate to bring light to the proposition that there are only two ways you can proceed in life.  The right way or the wrong way. You can either enter by the narrow gate or you can enter by the wide gate. One important element is the fact that the choice is yours. No one can force you to make the selection in either direction.

One of the directions is wrong and the other is right depending on what it is that you want to achieve, or where it is you want to go. your eternal well being is at stake and is depended on the direction you choose to go. If you choose to be filled with all unrighteousness, £sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness;  whispering, backbiting, hater of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventor of evil things, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, £unforgiving, unmerciful, and lacking moral values .  Then you will find all of these and more when you choose to enter through the wide gate. You will find that the wide gate is popular. This gate is crowded as people trample over one another to enter through this gate. The entrance is constantly crowded this way all the time, day and night every day. You may say to yourself ” I don’t know what I want, so I will explore or indulge in the amenities of the wide gate and then I will come to Jesus”.  People usually say I have to find myself first, this is a dangerous strategy, once you make a conscious choice to enter the wide gate it’s like being suck into a black hole of death it is very difficult and almost impossible to get out. The name inscribed over the wide gate is self. Living according to the golden rule is not even what the people at this gate are trying to do.

The narrow gate is not as attractive as the wide gate. First of all the narrow gate is not that easy to find. The fact is that relatively few people find this gate in comparison to the multitude that chooses the wide gate. The person that choose to go through the narrow gate is the person who is remorseful and know he or she needs a savior, a person who knows he or she is undeserving of God’s grace, a person who believe that God sent His Son to die on the cross for his or her sin, a person that love others the way that Christ has loved him or her, a person who places trust in Jesus as the final authority in life and living. It is the name of Christ that is over the narrow gate. The person that choose to go through the narrow gate knows that Jesus is the way. The person that choose this way is in strict observance to the golden rule. One cannot take any baggage through this gate. the road is to narrow, it is only wide enough for the person to go through, unnecessary baggage will make it impossible for you to enter.

On the wide road, there are no limitations to fulfilling one’s self-will. On the wide road, there is plenty of company. There are millions and millions that follow Satan on this road, this is tragic because these people are made to believe they are going to receive something that is totally great, only to find out that they have been deceived.

 The narrow gate leads to a  road that starts out narrow but at some point opens up and broadens into a glorious breath of life and freedom from being slaves to sin and death. There are no limits to good and love and joy and peace. However, It is not easy like unto the wide gate. The difference between the saved and the unsaved is that we are sinners that are saved and they are sinners that are not. We are saved sinners going through the narrow gate. those who choose to go through the wide gate are unsaved sinners. We have to choose where we want to spend eternity. There is no middle ground. Either we choose to be saved or we choose not to be saved.

Either you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins or you don’t. There is no straddling of the fence. Either you are with Christ or you are not. Your future is either going to be spent with Christ or with Satan. Either you choose right or wrong. It is your choice. You cannot tell what is going to happen in the future. You can live fifty more years or you could die tomorrow. Jesus told us no man knows the time. You need to make your choice now while you have breath, while you still have a life. If you decide not to choose then death will choose for you. If you don’t choose Jesus you choose death and more. Here is a clue it’s hotter than you can ever imagine. your choice could be final. Don’t gamble with your life. Choose Jesus now.

Thank You, Lord Glory, to you from eternity to eternity life without end Amen!

God bless you friends thank you for your time. If you don’t know Jesus and this article has helped you or has left you wondering could God save you, would God save you, please contact me, I can help you in this area.  encourage me, let me know what you think. Blog me


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